Retailer Info!

Marat Mychaels art fee is $250 and up (depending on # of characters and level of detail requested)


Counterpoint Retail Exclusive Requirements:

Regular trade/virgin books $12.50/each with a minimum order of 25 trade dress books. After the minimum is hit you can order virgin covers.


Speciality books (holo-foil or metal) are $22.50 each with a minimum order of 5 of each type. All 5 must be the same type.


Upgraded speciality books (Magma Foil, Crystal Fleck Foil, Lava Foil, or Pixel Foil)  are $25 each with a 5 book minimum.  All 5 must be the same type.


*1/1 variants. You can order ONE special 1/1 variant for every 50 total books you order... for instance if you order 100 books (trade dress/virgin/foil/metal variants combined) than you get 2, if you have 150 books total, you can get 3 and so forth.


Step 1: You must let us know what your cover concept is. We have many retailers asking for the same cover so if someone requested it first and it has been locked in, you must find another cover to parody/homage.
Step 2: If using a cover artist besides Marat Mychaels you must present the cover sketch first for approval and to avoid any copyright infractions. Parody is tricky so we have to be really careful.


*MSRP Prices must be upheld. You can sell books for more but not less than:
Trade Dress books $25
Virgin $30
Foil $50
Metal $70



Upon placing your order, you must provide a projected release date for your variant. Counterpoint will not sell any AP copies for 2 weeks from that date. If your release date changes, you are required to let us know.

You can have personalized badged copies *after minimums are met.