Retailer Info!

Marat Mychaels art fee is $250 and up (depending on # of characters and level of detail requested)


Counterpoint Retail Exclusive Requirements:

Regular trade/virgin books $12.50/each with a minimum order of 25 trade dress books. After the minimum is hit you can order virgin covers.


Speciality books (crystal fleck, holo-foil, or metal) are $22.50 each with a minimum order of 5 of each type. All 5 must be the same type.


Upgraded speciality books (Magma foil, Lava Foil, or Pixel foil)  are $25 each with a 5 book minimum.  All 5 must be the same type.


*MSRP Prices must be upheld you can sell books for more but not less than:
Regular books $25
Speciality books $50


**Counterpoint gets AP copies.


You can have personalized badged copies *after minimums are met